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GHD Overseas Homes is an Indian real estate Company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has expertise in dealing in India and international market founded upon the motive of serving its enormous high class services to encourage a wide assortment in realty for our clients.

GHD Overseas Homes established its presence by setting up numerous contacts and compliances in international market and look forward to dispense you best services provided only by us all over the world.

Now what comes in your mind when you hear “only provided by us”?

Well this makes us call into the question of why choose us?


  • Respect

    We act with consideration for others’ ideas and share information openly to our clients to inspire trust and encourage collaboration.

  • Integrity

    We are honest with our deals, principles and clients. Nothing is bigger than our commitment to our company and what we stand for.

  • Service

    We approach our clients’ challenges with enthusiasm and diligence, building long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital and opportunities. We provide unique features that had not been introduced in the history of real estate yet.

  • Excellence

    We focus relentlessly on creating winning outcomes for our clients. As well as we look forward to give real estate a new direction and existence.

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  • Australia’s economic resilience and steady growth prospects provide a low-risk environment in which to do business.
  • Australia has a consistent economic growth.


  • It is strategically located between east and west. It helps to connect Dubai and Asia very conveniently in lesser time.
  • Economical property prices when compared to India.


  • Investing in London properties is considered a ‘safe investment’ as London offers you the best chance of international success, with great talent and a huge range of customers.
  • The economy in London is rapidly increasing at a faster rate as It’s highly attractive,


  • Thailand is a very safe country to invest in. Thailand, and in that regard Phuket and Bangkok, has one of the best economies in Asia and tourism is very active here.
  • Thailand is one of the best tropical island destinations for holiday villas,
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We would like to thank you for your valuable association with us. Your readiness, efforts & interest that you put in the every piece of your work has appealed us immensely. Please keep up the good service always and grow as the best one in town. We wish our association grows strong and we mark the crest of success together.


I would like to thank you for helping us rent out our accommodation quickly and easily. I would also like to let you know that you have an amazing website and will recommend it to my friends.