GHD Overseas Homes is one of India’s best property portal, deals with every aspect of the consumers’ needs in the real estate industry. Company headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company do not deal in India but in international market as well. We provide investment and real estate services. It is place where buyers and sellers can buy and sell a property effectively and inexpensively.

To serve the burgeoning luxury real estate needs of numerous people, we have set-up enormous deals and compliances which will be an instrument in assisting people for their search of luxury properties in India, and in assisting Indians for their search of luxury real estate overseas.

The company has highly professional team of accountants who has expertise in all kind of financial issues. We have a whole team which includes all those persons who are required and play a crucial role in buying and selling a property.

The guiding principle at GHD Overseas Homes is to provide strategic solutions and features that make real estate holdings more productive and economically efficient for its clients across all service lines.

About Us

The GHD Overseas Homes Advantage:

  • Assistance in buying, selling or leasing real estate.
  • Landlord representation
  • Buyer representation
  • Vastu services
  • Numerology services
  • Astrology services
  • Accountancy services
  • Taxation services
  • Cooperate leasing
  • Real estate advisory
  • Documentation services