Why London

WHY London?

  • Investing in London properties is considered a ‘safe investment’ as London offers you the best chance of international success, with great talent and a huge range of customers.
  • The economy in London is rapidly increasing at a faster rate as It’s highly attractive, and it offers one of the best prospects for business development and innovative thinking.
  • London is the easiest city in Europe to do business. Benefit from flexible employment law and low-cost legal structures, entrepreneurs’ visas and capital gains tax relief.
  • London is one of the world’s financial centres, it is a home to internationally recognised banks, businesses and world famous brands, bringing a huge amount of opportunities.
  • London has a diverse and talented workforce of more than 4 million people, speaking hundreds of languages in a range of specialties.
  • Tourism is a fundamental aspect that contributes to the economy, and London has a variety of attractions like St Paul’s Cathedral and the museum of London.
  • London is a great city which has some of the best universities in the world such as king’s college London, Imperial college London and many more. This is an attractive feature for overseas investors to immerse their children in the rich historical culture of London and educate them in such prestigious establishment.