Personalized Vastu Audit

Personalized Vastu Audit

VAASTU SHASTRA OR AUDIT is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India which literally translates to “science of architecture”.

Vaastu Shastra benefits us in living a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and prosperous life. It provides us with immense cosmic energy. Those who live and work in Vaastu Compliant are generally happy with their surroundings and get maximum benefits in abundance of nature by gravitational force, solar energy, lunar energy, spiritual energy and cosmic forces.

In GHD Overseas Homes we will essentially serve you the free knowledge of Vastu Vidya about architecture and design theories. We will serve you the ancient Vastu shastra principles which include principles of the design and layout of:-

  • Mandir (Hindu temples or place of worship)
  • Maximum flow of positive spirits
  • Make best use of space
  • Positions of the rooms in the right place
  • Good house constructed according to the needs of the person who is going to live there
  • Right constructed Building
  • Right City to live
  • Right town to live
  • Garden area
  • Living room constructed in the right place
  • Drawing room constructed in the right place
  • Kitchen in a right direction
  • Washroom constructed in the right place

GHD Overseas Homes will serve you these texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangements and spatial geometry.