Why Choose Us
Our Portfolio of luxury properties include listings across the countries. From luxury farmhouses, bungalows, villas, penthouses, apartments, we market the most exclusive properties in most targeted manner. Some further services we provide are:-
  • Free assistance regarding your financial status that includes your bank statements, returns etc. After analysing all your financial statement and returns we will help you to know which property fits your finance and you can buy it with your accessible finances or not. We can also help you concerning your documentations for loans if required.
  • Free guidance of apparent time to buy a property as we would not suggest you to buy property during peak season but when the prices are reasonable or less.
  • Free guidance about right place and best country to buy the property and prevent Double Taxation Policy that simply means we would not suggest you to buy a property for which you have to pay text twice in two different countries.
  • Free cognizant of the surroundings, neighbourhood, locality, status, etc. as we perceive that it’s a must in today’s era to have a friendly and healthy environment.
  • Free service of determining the property on your behalf. If the property is beneficial for you then and only the property would be recommended.
  • Free services of vastu, Astrology and Numerology. We will guide you about vastu of your land, interiors (like where should be kitchen, place of worship etc.), should be owner, best use of the property, profits etc.
  • Free guidance regarding the use of property.
  • Free services of highly professional team of accountants who will help you in every step like your financial documentations, tax, rent agreements and a lot more. We have a team which includes all those persons which are required for buying and selling a property.
  • Free support and guidance about all the financial angles.
  • Free assistance regarding the tax involved in buying a particular property considering your finances.
  • Last but not the least, if your property is commercial or rental and provides you income, we will also help you to find the tax of that income part.